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Album Review: One Eyed Doll - Witches


While this is the sixth album by One Eyed Doll it is my first time hearing them and I was excited to say the least, from the moment I played the first track, Ember. Witches is a conceptual album taking you back to the late 1600's and is based on the Salem Witch Hysteria.
Musically it is very intricate. One might even say, genius. Yes, I said it. I would call it Bohemian Metal infused with Punk Rock on one end and then you are led down another path with sweet melodies and mandolin musings.
Many of the lyrics are direct quotes from the original handwritten witch trial court documents, which experiencing for the first time takes you inside a theatre and you are waiting for a production to begin. I call this, seeing the music. Don't get me wrong, you could easily listen to individual songs and get enjoyment out of the music but the real treat is to listen to the story unfold.
Stand out tracks: Prayer, Black In The Rye, Stillness.

Album art is also a bonus.
-Julie Cady
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