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Album Review: Like A Storm - Chaos Theory

Ive listened to Chaos Theory by the band "Like a Storm" and here is my review of the album:

1. Six Feet Under: This sound in this song reminds me of Breaking Benjamin. There are great guitar riffs throughout the entire song.

2. Never Surrender: Listening to this song, I realized that my foot was stomping to it and I was trying to sing-a-long to the words.

3. Gansters Paradise: I know this song, well I heard it before because this is a remake of Coolio's cover song. They did it their version much better with the hard rock sound netting into it.

4. Breakfree: As I listenend to this song, I noticed a much more slower melody to it. I always say, a band that can alternative music from fast hard rock to a slower version is a great band in my book.

5. Love the Way you Hate Me: I have to say, this was my favorite song because it was sung 3rd person and the lyrics "You say Im insane, I say you're afraid, I get stronger from the pain, I love the way you hurt me." Just brilliant because you can relate too them in life.

6. Southern Skies: This was the second slow song on this album. Not a bad song, just different then Breakfree.

7. Nothing Remains: This song is great. It starts off in another language. I replayed it 4 times. It was so different and well put together. I like the twist of this song as it leads to the rest.

In a summation of the entire album, I am going to compare them to great bands like Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Rise Against, 10 Years and 3 Days Grace. All these bands have great guitar riffs and a unique sound which separates them apart from each other. Thumbs up Like A Storm. Hope to see you on tour in New Jersey in the near future!!!

Jackie Franciose
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