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Album Review: Cathercist - As Hope Expires
Cathercist's newest album "As Hope Expires" is like a shot in the arm.

These guys have blended a cocktail of Metal and Alternative, with a dash of  dark undertones, to perfection. There are surprising elements and experimentation with different sounds throughout the album.

The first track "Everything Has Changed", opens  with a melody of eerie, almost spooky tones, before front man Zack Sawyer comes in, groveling in true Metal style. His range is impressive as he transitions flawlessly to exhibit his amazing vocals. Just as impressive is the speed and accuracy of guitarists, Taylor Roberts, Daniel Ferguson, bassist, Mikhail Cintgran and drummer Matt Marciana.

The entire album is hard hitting, melodic and, in my opinion, produced wonderfully to display their talents and what sounds like a terrific chemistry between these five musicians. "Reverie", the only instrumental cut, is a hauntingly beautiful tune,composed by and featuring Sawyer on piano. The percussion has an almost tribal, "world" beat and features various other soothing elements. I was pleasantly surprised to hear such a mellow composition and the contrast to the other songs made it that much more appealing. My personal favorite, however, is "Disconnected". The intro is a slow, gradual build,with what sounds like synth and violins, which then explodes into Sawyer's incredible vocals and some extremely impressive drumming by Marciana. The guitar solos are outstanding and with lyrics such as  "disconnected, lost within my own delusions, begging for a sign", I felt this song was emotionally raw, personal and embodies the whole tone of this project.     

Each song on this album is a brilliant display of original lyrics and melodies. With that being said, I think if you like Hawthorne Heights, Sevendust or Avenged Sevenfold, you will probably like Cathercist. If you don't give these guys a listen, you're missing out. This album is phenomenal if you like Metal or Hard Rock. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for the music, guys!

Amber Taft
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