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A Call For Help

We're putting out a call for help for one of our own.


The man behind the MDG had his only transportation stolen last week from outside his home. Now, he's out all of the money spent on the vehicle to begin with and will be stuck with a few thousand still once the insurance company does finally pay out.

Now, Daryn and his wife are inundated with stress. This is a guy that would give the shirt off his back to help others and has helped others in many ways over the years. We in the MDG have managed to help bands while out on the road and we will continue to do so. We're just asking that if you are so inclined, let's help another of our own. Daryn and Andrea need a vehicle to be able to get around so we're hoping that if enough people see this and donate whatever they can, we can help them get a new (used) vehicle free and clear that is reliable enough to get them to and from work.

There's a pizza shop in Indiana that raised over $700,000 within a day or two simply because of negative publicity. I think if they can do that, then we can raise 5 grand to help someone that's helped so many.

Give what you can to this GoFundMe campaign to help to right a wrong.


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