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Earlier this year, Halestorm singer-guitarist Lzzy Hale trended on Twitter—albeit with her name misspelled as “Lizzy Hale”—when she blew minds performing at the CMA Awards, “country music’s biggest night,” dueting with crooner Eric Church on his song “That’s Damn Rock & Roll.” That, plus the fact her hard-rock group will open on Church’s November/December tour, has led some fans to question whether Halestorm’s third album would see the group going country. See what the frontwoman has to say about this and more in our exclusive in-studio interview below.

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Yes.........you've read that correctly.

You may know this next act in line for the MDG's GTK series from not what has been labeled as a "cover" of but rather their MASTERFUL rendition that is a thousand percent improvement of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball.

I give you..............Jon Lamanna - Vocals, Guitar, Jesse Maty - Guitar, Vocals, Ryan Mcfaul - Guitar, Vocals, Jay Telarico - Drums, Samples & Kory Maclauchlan - Bass Guitar. Collectively known as...........................

Cry to the Blind is a heavy modern rock band from Upstate New York. Focused on creating a the ... Read more »

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"The Order of Things" due to be released February 24, 2015.


This album will mark more than 15 years together and the band will release this much anticipated 7th studio album. This is a followup to 2012's A War You Cannot Win.

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When is the last time that you had an album on repeat in your playlist or in your car? If it has bean any amount of time, get ready to do it again. Just make sure to pay attention to where you're going because you will miss your exit as you get lost in the journey you have voluntarily undertaken by pressing play.

There are many celebrities, artists, musicians and bands out today that attempt to send a message regarding various subject matter, but I will tell you here and now that if you don't get the message that Aurin are putting out there, then you are truly not only blind, but deaf as well to what is going on in the world around you.< ... Read more »

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There's a nip in the air and just a hint of danger as daylight breaks.......in the cold, hard city , you are careful as you never know who you may run into. It's all fun & games until she smiles and then it's just..............

Do you like melodic hard rock? Maybe a feel such as a cross between Lacuna Coil & Amy Lee with Evanescence? If so, you had better check out Sunshine & Bullets while you can.

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The GTK series continues with another of our favorite female fronted bands rocking the industry. It is with pleasure that we help you get to know................


Give me a little history behind BLAMESHIFT. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?
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Before I get into the normal interview regarding Wolf Blood Earth, I want to stop and take a second to explain something about WBE that may catch you a bit by surprise. You see.......Wolf Blood Earth give you the full embodiment and enriched sound of a full band, but the  fact of the matter is that Wolf Blood Earth is only one man.

I've had the pleasure of speaking with the man behind the music, Cody Sheltra, from time to time over the past few months and he sends out notifications of when he's got some new material to check out even when it remains in demo. I can sincerely tell you now that if anyone's looking for a guitarist for a band that wants to deliver REAL music with a real direction rather than putting out noise j ... Read more »

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The MDG GTK series took a bit of time off for coverage of a couple festivals, but we are back with another great female fronted band that is being hailed as the "Hardest working band in Boston" according to Metal Edge.


They definitely live up to that name as well. Jessica (Jess) Sierra has drawn comparisons of various vocalists from Anne Wilson to Janis Joplin & Cristina Scabbia to Otep. The band members each have very diverse styles but it all comes together nicely to bring the sounds that have earned them numerous accolades as well as had them share the stage ... Read more »

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