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On behalf of the entire MDG family, I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

In this joyous holiday season, let's all take a moment to reflect and remember to keep in mind those brave and generous men & women that are enlisted and deployed in the service sacrificing their own time and lives away from their own families so that we may have the opportunity to be with ours.

On behalf of the MDG, we thank you all for your service!

Please take the time to check out this video made by one of our own Tish Shenanigator Kelley with music by Bryan Adams! Thank you Tish & Bryan!!

Video is located in our Video section or by clicking the link below.


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Are you ready for the first MDG Productions music release?

That's right.
Coming soon is the debut from MDG Productions with original music from (but not limited to)

  • Statik Silence
  • Message From Venus
  • Dead Fish Handshake
  • Jaded Past
  • Like a Storm
  • Ben Draiman,
  • Grant Wisowaty,
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These guys have put together an album for tastes of all genres of Rock. For example, the opening riffs of "Love and War" briefly evokes of early Punk and quickly dives into a not unpleasant head banging beat. In contrast is the acoustic guitar intro of "Sing to the World", which then again moves into a slower yet still deliberate, driving beat. "Killer Instinct" reminded me of Godsmack, but I felt like the song was maybe building up to a climax that is never fully achieved. Lyrically, it is probably my favorite of all five tracks. However, the sweetest little surprise for me was "When It's Over". David Marin's clear and steady vocals take on a slightly raspy sound and the piano solo is absolutely brilliant. "Beneath the Skin" was also a favorite. While not a ballad, it's the most gentle song and probably, in my opinion, the song that would appeal to most anyone.

I'm thrilled that this little gem was introduced to me! Marin's tone is absolutely perfect and I found that I liked ... Read more »
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Join our brothers in Statik Silence as they level Architekt Studios once again Saturday night October 12th.

Also performing will be Digital Collapse and others. This is a limited purchase event and doors open at 7.

Architekt is located at 1 Boonton Ave in Butler, NJ.


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Dead Fish Handshake, Like a Storm & One Hundred Thousand prepare to blow the roof off Architekt Studios in Butler, NJ once again on Friday, October 11. Tix are only $12 purchased in advance for Will Call & $13 for mail option, $14 if purchased at the door.


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Without Reason - Live in Concert

Looking for a great night out with great music? Join the MDG in Rahway, NJ on November 30 @ The Waiting Room to watch our boys Tommy Rice and company tear the roof off the place beginning at 9PM!! Be there!!

Without Reason has a new and exciting Event coming Novemeber 30th, at The "World Famous" Waiting Room. We are so excited to place this cool Bar, It has a very cool Old/New
School Bar appeal, this will be a great night for all Age,s ,Era,s.
We look forward to putting on a awesome show for our fans,Its gonna be a
fun night I promise you that much, This bar is centrally located right
downtown, there is NJTransit Rahway Train Station 1 block away, This
show will start at 9pm, the Bar stays open till 3am-This is a great Ba ... Read more »
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Welcome to the newly renovated MDG home page.
As you can tell, this page will now offer much more than the previous forum based site. Look for more improvements to come as I add more features.
For those of you that loved the forums, fear not.....they're still here. We just have to re-create the various portions that I will be doing as time allows. Until then, feel free to create new discussions and sections within the forum.
Stop in and say hello. Introduce yourself if you're new to the MDG Family. Ask questions if you don't know who we are or what we're about.
If it's music related, you can bet we've got a hand in it one way or another.
This new site is not complete. Not by a longshot as I have many more items to add and a few tweaks here & there. The shopping cart will be up and operational soon if you wish to purchase any MDG merch ... Read more »
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