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Rock Solid

Seventh Tower's debut EP is a perfect example of how it's done. Powerful lyrics, addictive sound.

From the harmonic gang vocals featured in the intro of "Crown Me King" to the last note of "Came This Far", I was impressed by every song.

Strong vocals and some face melting guitar solos throughout, as well as a resonating lyrical theme of overcoming obstacles and conquering life, make this effort something to be enjoyed by all.

If you like bands such as Shinedown, Linkin Park, Fuel, you will love Seventh Tower.

What's even better is that if you're in the NJ/NY area, you're going to have the opportunity to check them out Saturday night, March 29, 2014 live at ... Read more »
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Eye Empire's newest album Evolve is high impact ear candy. Donald Carpenter's vocals are best described as explosive and gritty, yet polished. I'd have to say that his voice is one of my favorite aspects of this album.
The first track "One Day" is my favorite. It comes at you fast and hard. Lyrically, it's brilliant. I loved the build in the break.. "You took my kindness for wea ... Read more »
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Okay all.....our brothers in Like A Storm are bringing their sounds back at us once again, but this time they need our help. They're involved in a virtual streetfight and need votes int he Ernie Ball Battle of The Bands for a slot in the Rock on the Range lineup.
It only takes a couple minutes to vote and you get to hear damn good music so get your asses on over there and vote now. Link provided below.


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Hey Dead Fish Handshake fans......the boys are headed back to Rhode Island.

****UPDATE 2-27-2014****
Due to scheduling conflict with the original venue, the March 15 show has been relocated to the 1150 OAK Bar.

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MDG's brothers in CATHERCIST need our assistance.

They're in the Rockville Battle of the Bands sponsored by Ernie Ball and are currently in 4th place which is insane as they're CLEARLY the best on the bill. Check them out and if you like them, drop a vote for them. It literally takes only long enough for you to listen to their music and you'll see why these guys are tearing up the scene. So stop being so "Disconnected" and get over there and VOTE!!


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From Louisville, KY we bring you bring you new tracks from FLAW.

Chris Volz - Vocals
Lance Arny - Guitar
Ryan Jurhs - Bass
Chris Ballinger - Drums
Jason Daunt - Guitar


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Brian Fair - (Shadows Fall) - Vocals
Derek Kerswill - (Seemless, Unearth, and Icepick) - Drums
Matt LeBreton - (Frozen) - Guitar
Pete Gelles - (Birch Hill Damn) - Bass

Coming Summer 2014.

Teaser found here: http://www.downpourmetal.com/

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In the inaugural MDG "Vinterview", Jose Urquiza & Dex Digga from Three Years Hollow take our Mid-West Representative James on a Chemical Ride after their show in Illinois.

Get into the heads of the front-men for one of the hottest new bands in
the industry as they gear up for their inaugural tour after getting
signed. Very much deserved. They've got a couple EP's out but they
recently signed with a label and are proud members of the MDG

MDG Supports 3YH. Check the video for answers to the questions you normally would not hear.

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Ive listened to Chaos Theory by the band "Like a Storm" and here is my review of the album:

1. Six Feet Under: This sound in this song reminds me of Breaking Benjamin. There are great guitar riffs throughout the entire song.

2. Never Surrender: Listening to this song, I realized that my foot was stomping to it and I was trying to sing-a-long to the words.

3. Gansters Paradise: I know this song, well I heard it before because this is a remake of Coolio's cover song. They did it their version much better with the hard rock sound netting into it.

4. Breakfree: As I listenend to this song, I noticed a much more slower melody to it. I always say, a band that can alternative music from fast hard rock to a slower version is a great band in my book.

5. Love the Way you Hate Me: I have to say, this was my favorite song because it was sung 3rd person and the lyrics "You say Im insane, I say you're ... Read more »

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Cathercist's newest album "As Hope Expires" is like a shot in the arm.

These guys have blended a cocktail of Metal and Alternative, with a dash of  dark undertones, to perfection. There are surprising elements and experimentation with different sounds throughout the album.

The first track "Everything Has Changed", opens  with a melody of eerie, almost spooky tones, before front man Zack Sawyer comes in, groveling in true Metal style. His range is impressive as he transitions flawlessly to exhibit his amazing vocals. Just as impressive is the speed and accuracy of guitarists, Taylor Roberts, Daniel Ferguson, bassist, Mikhail Cintgran and drummer Matt Marciana.

The entire album is hard hitting, melodic and, in my opinion, produced wonderfully to display their talents and what sounds like a terrific chemistry between these five musicians. "Reverie", the only instrumental cut, is a hauntingly beautiful tune,composed by and featuring Sawyer ... Read more »
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