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Metallica have recently been talking up their track "Lords of Summer"  that they so desperately want fans to throng to their shows to hear. Well.....I can tell you as I have been for the better part of the last 26+ years. Save your money!!

The sound Metallica now produces has taken them from their high point in the 80's as Kings of Metal to the present Lords of Bullshit!!!

This seems to be a track that is completely broken pieces of material that they just threw together and went for an old Iron Maiden of 25-30 years ago feel, but failed miserably. Metallica are nothing more than has-been empty shells of their former selves. Poor Cliff Burton must be spinning in his gave with a palmslap to the forehead wondering how they (James, Lars & Kirk) have seemed to have completely forgotten a bit of music theory that Cliff taught them. It seems that Newsted was smart and got out when he did as he must have heard the ludicrous sound the rest of the band formerly known as M ... Read more »
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Okay all......our boys in Statik Silence have had their debut video for When Its Over entered into the 10,000 Battle of the Bands Youtube Video contest sponsored by Alto Music.

Let's help them out by voting each day from now through April 10, 2014. Get over there and vote! They've got bands that have their fans registering 17 different accounts to vote. Talk about running like scared little bitches.!!

You must have a Facebook account to vote.


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"This Cemetery, My Kingdom” by Coffin Dust (PA)

The dudes in Coffin Dust are based out of areas in and around West Philadelphia. This section of town has been generating much attention in the world of underground heavy music. Crust, grind & power violence reigns here, and for my money, these guys are a stand out. They blend together much of what I appreciate in heavy music’s past with a twist that makes them unique all on their own. And with their first full length finally released, entitled "This Cemetery, My Kingdom”, it brings together about 3 years of limited releases & new material together for a bone crushing 50+ minute grave robbing session.

After the instrumental opener, the gates crack open and the g ... Read more »

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Tickets $25 in advance, $30 @ Door
Doors open @ 7PM
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Howard Jones new band, Devil You Know featuring All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato, former Devolved drummer John Sankey, Bleeding Through bassist Ryan Wombacher, and newcomer guitarist Roy Lev-Ar have released their first official single (not including the Shut It Down Demo) called "Seven Years Alone" and it's metalcore at it's finest.


The band's new album, The Beauty of Destruction comes out April 29th on Nuclear Blast. They begin touring this Spring with Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society and on select dates, Down.
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Rock Solid

Seventh Tower's debut EP is a perfect example of how it's done. Powerful lyrics, addictive sound.

From the harmonic gang vocals featured in the intro of "Crown Me King" to the last note of "Came This Far", I was impressed by every song.

Strong vocals and some face melting guitar solos throughout, as well as a resonating lyrical theme of overcoming obstacles and conquering life, make this effort something to be enjoyed by all.

If you like bands such as Shinedown, Linkin Park, Fuel, you will love Seventh Tower.

What's even better is that if you're in the NJ/NY area, you're going to have the opportunity to check them out Saturday night, March 29, 2014 live at ... Read more »
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Eye Empire's newest album Evolve is high impact ear candy. Donald Carpenter's vocals are best described as explosive and gritty, yet polished. I'd have to say that his voice is one of my favorite aspects of this album.
The first track "One Day" is my favorite. It comes at you fast and hard. Lyrically, it's brilliant. I loved the build in the break.. "You took my kindness for wea ... Read more »
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Okay all.....our brothers in Like A Storm are bringing their sounds back at us once again, but this time they need our help. They're involved in a virtual streetfight and need votes int he Ernie Ball Battle of The Bands for a slot in the Rock on the Range lineup.
It only takes a couple minutes to vote and you get to hear damn good music so get your asses on over there and vote now. Link provided below.


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Hey Dead Fish Handshake fans......the boys are headed back to Rhode Island.

****UPDATE 2-27-2014****
Due to scheduling conflict with the original venue, the March 15 show has been relocated to the 1150 OAK Bar.

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MDG's brothers in CATHERCIST need our assistance.

They're in the Rockville Battle of the Bands sponsored by Ernie Ball and are currently in 4th place which is insane as they're CLEARLY the best on the bill. Check them out and if you like them, drop a vote for them. It literally takes only long enough for you to listen to their music and you'll see why these guys are tearing up the scene. So stop being so "Disconnected" and get over there and VOTE!!


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