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Welcome to the newly renovated MDG home page.
As you can tell, this page will now offer much more than the previous forum based site. Look for more improvements to come as I add more features.
For those of you that loved the forums, fear not.....they're still here. We just have to re-create the various portions that I will be doing as time allows. Until then, feel free to create new discussions and sections within the forum.
Stop in and say hello. Introduce yourself if you're new to the MDG Family. Ask questions if you don't know who we are or what we're about.
If it's music related, you can bet we've got a hand in it one way or another.
This new site is not complete. Not by a longshot as I have many more items to add and a few tweaks here & there. The shopping cart will be up and operational soon if you wish to purchase any MDG merch ... Read more »
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